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My pool is cloudy - how do I fix it?

If you have just discovered your pool has turned a little cloudy - follow these instructions and you should have a clear pool in no time!

Shocking a Pool

When and why should I shock my pool?


When you removed the blanket was there a strong smell of chlorine?

Not all Chlorines are the same!

When you use cheaper pool chemicals from the big box stores without professional advice, there's more at stake than just water chemistry.

Basic Pool Maintenance Tips

Simple easy maintenance can save you a lot of time and trouble in the future

After the Rain

Rain dilutes the chemicals in your pool and can have a major effect on your water balance and sanitiser levels

Help! My pool is green!

How do I prevent my pool going green?

It can be simple to prevent your pool from going green overnight. Just follow this simple tips and your pool will stay clear all year round

Enjoy your complimentary Water Test today

Get your pool water tested regularly with our state of the art Waterlink Spin Touch system completely Free of Charge!*

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