After the Rain

After the Rain

FUN FACT - Rain dilutes the chemicals in your pool and can have a major effect on your water balance and sanitiser levels. After a downpour keep an eye on the water level and take a water sample into your nearest WA Pool Warehouse store so we can test your water and ensure your pool is in balance and safe for swimming in the coming months....Water testing is completely FREE and available at all 7 of our stores!

Although you may not think of rainwater as particularly harmful, it’s actually quite acidic and for this reason can impact the chemical balance of your pool water. It’s not only the rain itself that you need to worry about getting into the pool – it’s also the run off when the water hits the garden or decking and flows back into your pool, carrying with it all sorts of contaminants. This can impact anything from the alkalinity of the pool to the pH balance which can cause irritation to people using the pool and can damage pool equipment and surfaces.

Remember not to panic after a light shower – it’s really only after heavy rain or stormy weather that you need to worry.

What should you do after heavy rainfall

To address the potential imbalances that the rain may cause, it’s important to test the water regularly during heavy rain periods to ensure that your pH remains between 7.2 and 7.6. This can be carried out with a home testing kit or you can take your water into your local WA Pool Warehouse. If bad weather has caused leaves and debris to land in your pool, clean this out as soon as possible as this can further impact on the balance of the water – you want to avoid that nasty algae growth. Next give your pool a good scrub and vacuum to collect dirt which has collected on the sides and bottom. In some cases, it may be appropriate to shock the water to help get rid of any contaminants which have made it into the water.

Check out the image for what the different pH levels compare to - don't be swimming in a pool out of balance this year! 

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