How do I tell if I need a new Salt Chlorinator?

How do I tell if I need a new Salt Chlorinator?

Is your salt pool always going green? Your chlorinator may not be working properly

How to check your salt pool chlorinator 

1.     Salt levels – Different brands and models require different salt levels to convert the salty water to chlorine. Pop in and get your water tested today for free at one of our stores to ensure that this is not the problem.

2.     Water flow – If no or low water is flowing thru the salt cell this will cause it not to work as it needs a certain flow to ensure it works efficiently. Your system may flash low salt or no flow. Flow rates can be reduced by clogged pump/skimmer baskets, leaking connections or low water levels. If you have a clear case on your salt cell you can check to see if there are small bubbles coming from the cell giving the water a cloudy appearance which tells you that the cell is working. 

3.     Water Balance – Your water levels need to be within the acceptable levels to ensure that your chlorine being created has the ability to work. Be sure to check your PH levels and also the stabiliser levels as in summer the chlorine can dissipate as fast as it is created.

4.     How old is the salt cell – Most salt cells have a life span of around 5 years and may need to be replaced.

5.     Calcium build up – Calcium is attracted to the metal plates and means your cell will periodically require cleaning. A salt cell cleaning solution can be used or a weak mixture of Hydrochloric acid around 1/5 Acid to Water (please check user manual)

To help prevent the calcium build up it is recommended to treat your pool with a product like Aquashield every couple of months. This helps to keep the calcium in liquid form so that it doesn't cause this build up.

6.     Connections – Check wire connections to cell are not corroded or loose and the water sensor cable is intact and clean.

If any more help is needed please do not hesitate to call or pop into one of our stores.

With some systems, it may be better to replace the complete unit and not just the cell depending on how old the system is and the cost of the replacement salt cell. Also, the fact that the control box may be faulty and this is causing your issue.

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