How to add chemicals to your pool safely.

How to add chemicals to your pool safely.

Pool chemicals can be dangerous if not handled properly. Suggestions include:

  • Keep pool chemicals away from other chemicals and locked up in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not store pool chemicals near other chemicals or flammables, including petrol, detergents or alcohol.
  • Always use chemicals strictly as instructed.
  • Never combine chemicals together – for example, mixing different types of chlorine together (such as granular and liquid) can cause an explosion.
  • To avoid splashing the chemicals, always add the chemicals to water and not the other way around.
  • Don't add the water to the chemicals.
  • If you are splashed, rinse contaminated clothing straight away and wash your skin thoroughly in plenty of water.

Below are our recommendations for adding these chemicals to your pool safely


To add buffer to the pool, mix the amount needed into a bucket of water and add to the pool. If using an acid feeder turn off or add to a bucket of water for 7 days.


To add acid to your pool, add acid to a bucket of water then broadcast around the pool. Do not add water to acid.


To add granular chlorine to your pool you can add straight into the water if the pool surface is concrete or fiberglass. If the pool has a vinyl lining you need to mix chlorine into a bucket of water before adding it to the pool.


To add salt to your pool cut open the bags and pour into water around steps if you have a cleaner in the pool. If not you can spread the salt around the pool using a pool brush.


To add stabiliser to the pool you can sprinkle slowly into the skimmer box or mixed into a bucket of water then broadcast over the pool. When using a system with a probe (i.e. Chemi-gem) you will have to add to a bucket of water and broadcast over the pool. Don't broadcast in a vinyl lined pool.


When adding calcium to the water you will need to mix into a bucket of water before it is added to the pool. If other chemicals have been added to the pool, do not add calcium for a couple of days.


If adding AquaShield to the pool, shake the bottle well and pour around the pool. Add after 1 hour of other chemicals.


If adding phosphate remover to the pool you can pour it into the skimmer box. Make sure to give the sand filter a backwash or cartridge filter a clean before applying. If using a cartridge filter add 100mls a week till amount.


If adding a copper based algaecide (long life algaecide or powercide), if there has been other chemical added to the pool, wait until the next day to add the algaecide. When adding it, mix into a bucket of water first then add to the pool away from the skimmer box.



Keep pool chemicals out of reach of children, teens, and animals - preferably locked in a cupboard or shed and up high out of reach.

Should our treasured little people manage to get hold of these chemicals we recommend you call 000 or the poisons hotline 13 11 26 asap.

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