Is it ok for my Dog to swim in the pool?

Is it ok for my Dog to swim in the pool?

My furbaby loves to swim! Is it ok to let them in my pool?
Yes! It is safe for dogs to have a swim in a chlorinated or saltwater swimming pool provided the pool water is correctly balanced. This is the same for you and your family as well. 
The pool maintenance pros say a dog in the pool is equal to around 7 people or more in the water. In other words, your pool water will need to work harder if you allow your dog to swim in the pool. Here’s why:

Dog Hair and Dirt

Dogs will naturally bring additional dirt and oil from their skin into the water. This brings phosphates and affects the pH as well as using up the chlorine at a faster rate. You’ll need to adjust the pH and boost chlorine accordingly.

It is natural for your dog to shed hair and this does not stop when they are swimming. So be sure to empty the skimmer box regularly to avoid blockages and prolonged contamination.


Shock your Pool

After heavy use, it would be beneficial to shock your pool. Extra sanitisation and shocking will help restore pool water clarity.

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