Not all Chlorines are the same!

Not all Chlorines are the same!

When you use cheaper pool chemicals from the big box stores without professional advice, there's more at stake than just water chemistry. Poor quality chemicals can ultimately cause damage to your pool and system components. You may even have to empty your pool and refill if your levels get out of control. Additionally, lesser regulated chemicals can cause irritation to swimmers' skin, eyes and hair causing health problems.

For example, did you know not all chlorine is the same?


Pros: Cheap, no additives

Cons: Very short shelf life of only 12 weeks.


Pros: Very strong, Good quality version has a long shelf life

Cons: Has high calcium...High calcium levels can lead to scaling, especially if pH levels are allowed to rise, which produces whitish scale or crystalline deposits, at the water line, inside pipes or all over the pool


Pros: High strength, low pH, added stabiliser, no calcium

Cons: Adds stabiliser regardless of your pool levels. High stabiliser levels can cause massive problems leading to green pools, and possibly having to empty your entire pool and start again.


Pros: High Strength, Low pH, no calcium, adds copper

Cons: Adds copper even if your pool already has sufficient amounts. Too much copper can cause your children’s hair to turn green and numerous other issues.


Looking at the different types of chlorine you can clearly see that professional advice will save you time, money and heartache in the long run. 

Remember it is actually free to get your pool water tested at all of the WA Pool Warehouse stores!

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