Safely storing pool chemicals

Safely storing pool chemicals

Safely storing pool chemicals is an important part of keeping your pool environment hazard-free and ensuring fun & safety for family and friends. Pool chemicals are essential to keep your pool water clean and clear and free of contaminants. However, they can be dangerous if they aren’t stored or handled properly. A prime example is mixing different types of chlorine together (such as granular and liquid) can cause an explosion!

Many pool chemicals will naturally break down over time if they are not used by a certain date. When carefully stored, packaged, and labelled, however, the broken-down chemicals will be contained, and unnecessary risks can be avoided.

See below for a few tips on storing your pool chemicals

Properly Storing Pool Chemicals: How and Why?

Most pool chemicals are powerful substances that work effectively in your swimming pool, but if handled poorly can cause burns and other injuries. Chemicals designed for pool use are by definition meant to be diluted in a large amount of water, so in a concentrated form they can be extremely hazardous if they are spilled on a hard surface, made contact with, ingested, and/or if their vapors are inhaled.

Knowing where and how to store pool chemicals is equally important. Since they are hazardous substances, these chemicals are best stored in a secure area with controlled access via a lock or keypad. Finding a safe place that pets and kids can not access is perfect.

By handling swimming pool chemicals with care and respect, you can minimize risks while ensuring the substances remain potent enough to keep your pool water clean.

Tips for Storing Pool Chemicals

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight and Humidity
When considering where to store pool chemicals, the best storage locations are areas out of direct sunlight. Pool chemicals react poorly to sunshine and heat, and require a dark, cool environment to control for any potential reactions.

  • Make sure that any outdoor storage of pool chemicals is as far away from your pool as possible and in a dry, covered secure area. Humidity or even small amounts of pool water can cause chemical reactions that could lead to dangerous fumes.Provide Plenty of Ventilation

Choose a location with plenty of ventilation for storing pool chemicals. In areas with little airflow, dangerous fumes can quickly accumulate if chemicals do start to react. Ventilation is even more important when multiple pool chemicals are stored in close proximity to each other, as certain chemicals may create a hazardous reaction when combined.

It might seem logical to stack different chemicals on top of each other, but haphazardly arranging your pool chemicals is not advisable. Storing pool chemicals requires careful attention to the product label instructions for each pool chemical. Keep in mind to never store oxidizers and acids close to each other.

  • Once you have designated a secure storage location, take care to never store any chemicals on the floor or above your head. This reduces the risk of items falling or spilling. In addition, avoid stacking liquid chemicals above powdered ones due to risk of a hazardous reaction.Keep Chemicals Away From Flammable Items

Outdoor storage areas for pool chemicals should be situated away from anything flammable. Keep any petrol-powered equipment, like your lawnmower, in a completely different location. The storage site should also be away from sources of heat, like a barbeque or fire pit

Do Not Reuse or Switch Containers Reusing pool chemical containers or transferring chemicals to another container is never recommended as it can create a dangerous situation. When storing pool chemicals, always use the original containers with their labels clearly legible. Each container was designed for the specific storage requirements of the chemical it contains, so it is never advisable to switch containers.
Even if you’re handling the same type of chemical, mixing a new batch of a chemical with a leftover batch of the same chemical can lead to a reaction from the older residue, or create fumes. With this in mind, make sure to use separate tools and measuring items for each chemical and keep these instruments clean. When you’re ready to begin mixing your pool chemicals, wear long sleeves, pants, and closed-toed shoes that fully protect your feet from spills. Nobody wants to deal with acid burns!

Keep Everyone Safe With Proper Pool Chemical Storage

Keep our list of tips in mind as you store and use different pool chemicals during pool season and beyond. Properly handling and storing pool chemicals is an integral part of keeping your pool clean.
Make sure to share this guide on how to store pool chemicals with any friends or family who are pool owners, to help keep everyone well informed.


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