Shocking a Pool

Shocking a Pool

Shocking A Pool

What is pool shock?

Chloramines form when the chlorine in your pool mixes with the nitrogen in sweat, oils, and bodily fluids. This is a natural chemical process, where chloramines are essentially a by-product of chlorine sanitising your pool water.

In addition to giving your pool a strong smell, too many chloramines can also irritate your skin, eyes, and respiratory system. By shocking your pool, you’re adding enough chlorine (or other chemical) to clean the water and destroy the build up of chloramines. This process is also known as super chlorination.

Pool Shocking Tips

   -   Balance pH to 7.2 – 7.4 before shocking, for the most powerful effect.
   -   Shock your pool after the sun goes down, to reduce effects of UV degradation.
   -   Add pool shock separately as it can destroy or disrupt other treatment chemicals.
   -   Never allow pool shock to mix with any other pool chemical, even the same type.
   -   Never store opened bags of shock, which can spill. Use the entire bag at one time.
   -   Never allow pool shock to become hot, moist or contaminated with dirt or debris.
   -   Never pour pool shock into the skimmer, pre-dissolve for use in vinyl liner pools.
   -   Brush the pool after shocking, and filter the water for at least 8 hours afterward.
   -   If the chlorine level is zero within 8 hours of shocking, shock your pool again, harder.

When and why should I shock my pool?

   -   To reduce the build-up of micro-contaminants and organic matter
   -   To destroy both harmless and pathogenic bacteria in the water
   -   To remove combined chlorine molecules, aka chloramines
   -   To kill algae blooms, or to treat cloudy pool water

Shocking your pool in 6 steps:

1. Check pH level and adjust if needed to a low-range pH of 7.1-7.3.
2. Clean the pool to remove leaves and debris, remove pool cleaner.
3. Determine how much shock is needed to fix the situation.
4. Add shock directly to the pool, vinyl pools should pre-dissolve chlorine shock.
5. Add shock when the sun is not shining directly on the pool.
6. Run filter and brush pool to help distribute and circulate the shock.

If you'd like more information about pool shock or shocking your pool, you can chat to our staff at any of our 7 stores.

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