There are basically 2 types of pool filters: Sand/Media Filter or Cartridge Filter.
The choice of filter for a home pool is largely up to the homeowner. Either type of filter will work.
The purpose of the pool filter is the removal of debris so that algae and
other harmful bacteria have as little chance of growth as possible.
Selecting the correct pool filter will depend on your site suitability, size of your pool and budget

Sand/Media Filters:
Sand or Media filters use a specially graded sand or glass media as the filter media.
The water enters the tank through the diffuser.
As the water goes down through the bed of sand or glass, the dirt and debris is trapped between the grains of the media.
When the water reaches the bottom of the filter, it enters the laterals and is returned to the pool.
Sand filters filter out debris down to about 30-40 microns in size.
Glass media filters out debris down to approximately 5 microns.

Cartridge Filters:
Cartridge filters consist of a simple 2-piece tank (lid & bottom) with a cartridge inside of that tank.
The cartridge is very similar to the air filters you can find in your car.
Water is pushed into the tank from your pump and flows through the cartridge membrane.
Particles and debris are trapped in the fabric and clean water returns back into the pool.
A more compact option.
You can expect the cartridge to filter down to about 10-20 microns.

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